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We’re Ein Karem Gift Shop

There's So Much in Store

We are a small shop situated in Ein Karem, a beautiful village near Jerusalem Israel famous for its centuries-old holy sites. These include the Church of St. John the Baptist, containing a cave said to be the saint’s birthplace, and Mary’s Spring, where Virgin Mary is believed to have drunk when she visited Elizabeth. We have been selling souvenirs for tourists from all around the world for the past decade. Our store integrates high quality and symbolism in each item that we sell while offering the best prices on the market.  

Due to COVID19, we had to shut down our shop but decided to open an online store so that our costumers who are unable to visit the Holy Land can purchase their favorite items online.

 About Us

Offering Extra Special Service

We are a Christian couple with two children from Jerusalem. We work with different people and craftsmen from Israel to produce the best quality items.

We ensure to keep our costumers satisfied with the services that we offer as we work with integrity and high attentiveness to our costumers

And since you might be unable to visit Israel, we can send you reminders & Souvenirs.

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Silver Unique Items

Our silver collection which we produce in Israel, consists of unique and high quality 925 sterling-silver items, each made with attention to details and with a personalized touch. In addition to that, we offer special designs personalized name necklaces in English or in Hebrew.

By offering only the highest quality of products, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Whatever unique or specific item you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need at Ein Karem Gift Shop.

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Olive Wood

“But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in te loving kindness of God forever and ever.” Psalm 52:8


The olive tree is one of the most familiar trees in the Middle East and it has been mentioned  many times in the Bible. Vast areas in the Holy Land are planted with Olive trees and the products that we offer are made of olive trees from Israel where Jesus have lived and walked.

Olive wood carving is an ancient tradition  in the Holy Land. It requires intense labor and consists of many stages. The olive trees are pruned every two years so that they bear fruit. After that, the prunings are left to dry and after they are completely dry, they are then taken and a rough outlining of the craft is then done by machines. The most time consuming and essential stage is what comes next; the piece of wood is then passed onto a skilled craftsman  who transforms the piece of wood into an artistic beautiful piece of art that carries a lot of history and sentimental value.

We bring you the best quality olive wood carvings straight from the craftsmen in Bethlehem. We are loyal to our costumers and we are commited to providing the best prices in the market without compromising the quality.


When you buy from us you will not only be supporting our family but many families from the Holy Land who rely on olive wood carving as a source of income  

These items are not only the highest quality, but also comes in a variety of options to suit your needs. For more information, feel free to call us or simply come by the store to see our full inventory.

Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Contact Us

Madrigod Habikour 33


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